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                            ALL THINGS TUCKER!

All profits from merchandise sold on this website goes the Rogue Valley Humane Society (RVHS), a no-kill, non-profit animal care facility, to help care for the homeless animals.  Our ultimate goal is to use the proceeds to build a new larger animal care facility where no animal will have to wait to stay at RVHS.  We appreciate your support!

                                                       Tucker and friends


                                                   TUCKER'S STORY

In August 2011 Tucker was rescued from being on a 12 foot chain. There was no room at the Humane Society so he stayed at the kissy lady’s house for 5 days. He had a great time! He had nutritious food and hugs and kisses. There was a soft bed for him to sleep on. He learned to walk on a leash.

Tucker – My New Life Off The Chain printed book and e book is the true story about Tucker. It covers his life from when he was removed from the chain until he was able to go to the Rogue Valley Humane Society. He stayed at the Humane Society for over a year and learned many things. Tucker went to school, made friends with other dogs and people too. He even learned to work out on a treadmill!   

Available to buy at our store: Books, ebooks, DVDs, and T-shirts. All profits from merchandise sold will go to the Rogue Valley Humane Society in Grants Pass, OR to care for the animals. Our goal is to build a larger animal care facility so that no dog or cat has to wait to have a place to stay. You can help us reach our goal!

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